Mechanical Engineer 2008-Yanbu -Saudi Arabia-Structural Steel -12 Years Experience @ Stee

I am the Egyption Mechanical engineer working as C. M at AIC Steel at yanbu
I have transferable iqama with profession "Mechanical Engineer" register at SCE
"" hopefully to get opportunity based on my qualification and your requirement especially I need to transfer on other sponser before ending this week""

I would like to introduce myself to you in order to find an opportunity with your great company,my name is Mohamed Osman Badr, I am a mechanical engineer- 2008 & I have 12 years of experience on:

Steel structure Projects(Fabrication-Supplying -Construction Site Erection)
Project management (Reviewing Contract ,Budget, Plan monitoring as per budget Exclusion of contract , notify commercial team if any technical points need contract to be revised).
Estimationas per Bedding documents(Quantification/Classification/Resources Man Power, Man hours, Equipment)
Planning-(Work Breakdown structure, Scheduling ,Construction plan with respect to allocated budget, Stressing on Critical tasks, Resources cost histogram)-As Attached
Technical works Reports(Cleared Presentation Detailed reports, Member lists with weights reports, lose parts reports,..)-As Attached
Tekla Structure (3D Modeling -2D-Detailing and shop drawings)
Tanks fabrication installation and repairs in accordance to API (650, 653).
Piping construction (Fabrication, installation & laying).
Supervision on all QA\QC activities for all steel structure works including (PT,MT,UT,RT,Vacuum box testing & hydro test,…edtc).

· I am working as a construction Manager in Arabian International Company (AIC) in Saudi Arabia-For Both Yanbu (Desalination Power plant Phase#3 & Delmon Tank Yanbu Port Construction.
I am responsible for :
Steel structure Erection (STG- Boilers-Pipe Racks -Duct supports..)
Ducts Assembly and installation
Mechanical installation (Dampers -Expansion joints,)
Break Down for the site activities priority wise and distribute to the site team.
Prepare the Site Sequence of erection using Snapshots from `Tekla Model- Put Daily/weekly target to site team "as planned"
Solution for many technical problems in erection due to material defects or wrong design through RFI & as built drawings after coordinating with the consultant.
Coordinating with QC department to cover any required NDT or Heat treatment (preferably before lifting to avoid difficult accessibility).
Coordinating with QC department for Submitting RFI of all the Finished Area to Hand over with the Client.

Now I am C.M for both Delmon Tanks Yanbu Site and Duba Tanks responsibility as follow:
Site Construction Detailed Plan as per M.O.S
Break Down for Site activities to be done on site priority wise.
Estimation for the Site resources required (Manpower /Equipment/ Erection Gears/….)
Confirming with the client for the Lay down areas required and safe access for our Equipment.
Following up for Material receiving sequence and good storage at site.(Make observation /NCR if required)
Ensuring that all resources required are available at site as per Construction Plan.
Highlighting Daily productivity and Stressing on Critical pass Lines on Plan.
Coordination with Our QC Team (Internal Inspection / preparation for RT/ RFI,..)
Coordinating with the site construction team for site progress.
Following up site tanks Construction activities (Foundation Surveying /Ann Pl/ Course Lifting /B.PL /Roof Installation and NDT activities with QC)

Projects I had worked at Saudi Arabia as follow:

KSU-Medical research Center MRC-Riyadh
Saudi Consultant
ARENA Stadium
King Saud University
Saudi Consultant
Tadawael Tower -KAAFD
Pp13-Power Plant -Durma
Worley parson
Metro Elevated Station-3A1
Metro Western station-3B2
Desalination Yanbu power planet Phase3
Fadhli Gas Project -Jubail
Jizan Refinery King Abdullah Economic City
10 Yanbu Delmon -Tank Project Delmon Delmon
11 RTCC- 11 Tanks Project for SWCC RTCC Ayesa

I have the ability to work with team work & under pressure, so I hope to have a good chance to join your team work at the earliest , hoping my qualification will match your requirements.

Mohamed Osman Badr

Mobile: 00966541292336 / 0595027228
Saudi Council member Ship Id No: 258971
Email : [email protected]