Over time, the drains get clogged, so it is very important to keep them clean. Regular maintenance done by our master plumber can prevent pipes from breaking and leaking. This can save you a lot of money.
Whether it is a clogged kitchen drain, closed to the toilet, or a closed air conditioning line running to the bathroom sink, you must immediately call a licensed, Toronto master plumber.
Shower and bathtub drain’s get blocked with hair and soap products. When the drain is unplugged, viewers should not let the water standing in them. If you notice that you are standing in water or need a water heater repair because there is no hot water, call our Toronto plumbing company today.
Chemical drain cleaner and clog clog
Hiring a Toronto residential plumber comes with a few things, such as their experience and job knowledge. When it comes to chemical drain cleaners, a Toronto plumber must understand the type of cleaners involved and how they react to clogs and pipes. Drain cleaners come in the form of gel, liquid, and powder and contain chemicals that create electron reactions and generate heat to clean the most specific clauses.
Different types of drain cleaner
Chemical drain cleaners are available three differing types, a number of which are not found in stores. Each drain cleaner helps clean out the blockages by releasing heat and basically turns the clog into an easily penetrable and moveable material.
• Acid drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid; Therefore, they are rarely found in stores and sold only to a plumbing company. Hydronium ions in such drain cleaners interact with the electrons of the clog, causing a chemical reaction that releases heat and melts the molten grease.
• Caustic drain cleaners contain lye, potash and other substances and serve as a base during unclogging. After applying a caustic drain cleaner to the pipe, it releases electrons to the clog and creates a chemical reaction that turns grease and similar clogs into a soapy substance. Because caustic drain cleaner weighs more than water, it reaches the clog more easily and immediately starts working.
• Oxidizing drain cleaners contain bleach, nitrate, and similar household cleaning substances. These cleaners act in a similar way as caustic drain cleaners because they are heavier than water and move directly into clogs. The chemicals force the clogs to lose their ions and oxidize for easy cleaning.

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