Metal detector For sale from golden detector company
Fusion is a 3D scanner from OKM Germany famous for its professional devices
for treasure hunters and archaeologists.
OKM Fusion offers a unique metal and gold detector with an easy-to-use imaging system
for beginners in this field but with features comparable to the most powerful professional devices.
The device is available in two different versions and is accompanied by a tablet device to display the results of scanning visually and through a special program.
- Fusion Features
- Device Uses
Thanks to its professional features and accurate imaging technology that gives the best results,
the device can be used effectively for all practical uses in the field of metal detection, for example:
Find different gold objects such as boxes or jars of gold and coins, old coins and gold ornaments
Detection of precious metals such as silver and copper in various forms (metal minerals or made objects)
Excavation of ancient monuments such as statues, metal pots and old weapons (daggers – swords – spears …)
Finding of voids and ground cavities, for example, underground tunnels and old mausoleums and buried rooms
Fusion 3D metal detector Available exclusively at Golden Detector Group To inquire about prices, Order your device now by contact with us via the following contacts:
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