Seeking Hyderabadi (Indian) Origin Grooom For NRI Girl

Salaamu alikum wa rahmathallahi wa barakathu

Bride's details

Age 27 years
Born in India, Hyderabad
Brought up and studied in KSA
Education: B.Sc and M.Sc - Osmania University
Complexion: Fair, Sharp Features
Aqeeda : Sunni - follow only Quran and Sunnah (Free from Shirk and Bidah)
Height 5'6'
Marital Status Divorce (taken from our side due to some unavoidable circumstances, can be discussed if both of us agree on the proposal) No Kids

Groom's requirement

Religion and Aqeeda: Sunni (follows only Quran and Sunnah, free from Shirk and Bidah)
Qualification: Doctor, Engineer, Graduate
Age: Not more than 34 years
Location: must be well settled in Jeddah, or any other location in KSA, preference for Jeddah
and Unmarried grooms will be given first preference

No Polygamy (Second Wife) seekers

In Shah Allah if everything is agreed then we plan to do nikah in Saudi.

Interested parents or guardians are requested to send the groom's bio-data and latest non-sutdio photos first before asking the bride's bid-data and photos to the below email address

email [email protected]

Jazakumallahu wa khyran