Golden Detector presents the latest technology in the field of gold detectors
Great King 4S, which works (4) four systems to search and detect gold and treasures buried in the ground up to a depth of 25 meters

Search Systems
System 1: Ground Survey System (3D)
System 2: Discrimination system
System 3: Direct Horizontal Imaging System
System 4: Direct Vertical Imaging System

First System: Ground Survey System (3D)
The device takes multiple shots and 3D images of the subjects

The second system: the system of discrimination between metals
This system distinguishes between metals, gold, precious metals and voids

Third System: Direct Horizontal Imaging System
This system is characterized by searching behind walls or doors and rocks system of direct horizontal imaging change the system of the program

System IV: direct vertical imaging system
The system is characterized by direct shooting in the ground and also features a quick search and detect what was in the ground you can operate the system of direct vertical shooting

Color System:
Red denotes gold
Yellow denotes a mixture of minerals
Green denotes rocks
Gray indicates concrete

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