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Why should you prepare through IELTS Counsellor?

IELTS Counsellor has long experience in preparing students, professionals, and immigration seekers for IELTS, PTE and TOEFL Examinations. We educate ESL learners through ‘troubleshooting’ language inaccuracies and ensure methodical proficiency development to enhance their confidence. Our Cambridge-certified lecturers use ‘time-savers’ for busy people. Needless to mention, we despise false guarantees, lame assurances, and irrational fee structures.

Since 1998, through a series of experience initiated with TOEFL Academy, we have found that achieving higher IELTS bands through Attending ‘One-Session’ Seminars are far more effective than expansive and expensive long-duration IELTS programmes offered by every next-door institute in your city. Our seminars are promising, affordable, customizable and can save many valuable hours of traditional courses.

The Webinar / Event Benefits:

This seminar will help you to prepare selectively (not necessarily all the 4 IELTS subjects). This will save your preparation and time and cost by more than 80%. Further, IELTS Counsellor’s seminars are designed to troubleshoot your weaker areas of preparation and you can monitor your progress at the end of the seminar.

The Upcoming Seminars: Call 0539 444 797 for the webinar dates of your choice.
Timings: To be selected at the time of registration

All students and immigration seekers who are preparing for PTE, IELTS and TOEFL may attend the IELTS Seminar which is an economical and effective time-saver.