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✍️ The ongoing pandemic has created immense opportunities for you to save time and for us to improve our training process. Powerful, well-structured education portal with a strong network of experts who can fulfil a wide range of career needs....24 x 7, have introduced CareerVacs.

✍️ CareerVacs is an innovative membership, offering a range of benefits within amazingly affordable fee:

1. FREE IELTS, PTE, TOEFL & OET preparation courses
2. Career Webinars
3. English Proficiency Courses
4. Direct Business Consultations
5. CV Building + Pre-interview Assessment
6. Professional & Academic Presentation support
7. FREE Website + Online Profile Creation
8. E-library with CBTs books and resources
9. EduStore VIP Membership
10. Career Counselling


Through us:

✍️ As a teacher, you can apply for online job.
✍️ As a student, you can get our focused training.
✍️ As an employee, you can register for professional support.
✍️ As an expatriate, you can strengthen your immigration aspirations.
✍️ As a parent, you can carve out your children's career plans through us.
✍️ As a child you can develop positive attitude towards English and start learning.
✍️ As an investor, you can look for a business associate & become an entrepreneur.

✍️ Join CAREER-VACS - This is how we turn your small steps into a giant leap ✍️

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