General And Academic Modules IELTS Intensive Course Directly By IELTS Counsellor

IELTS Intensive Preparation (General and Academic Modules)

Online Zoom-based Classrooms, Intensive Preparation Courses & Webinars directly by IELTS Counsellor

Dear IELTS Test Takers,

IELTS Counsellor is glad to acknowledge you that our online, face-to-face interactive classroom will bring to you the IELTS courses that you can choose on the basis of your present level of English.

{IELTS Counsellor remains committed to its long-standing policy of supporting our students until they achieve their scores}

1. Course name: IELTS Intensive Preparation - ( Academic/General or UKVI ).
2. Lecture type:Online lectures supported by multiple reviews from examiners.
3. The class schedule: Many options are available; the choice is usually yours.
4. Tentative duration: 4 / 6 / 8 weeks; 4 sessions per week; 90 minutes online.
5. Target IELTS scores: Most commonly scored are 7, 7.5, and 8 IELTS bands.
6. Popularity till date: IELTS Eloquence and IELTS Excellence(Bands 7 and 8).
7. Course Fee: Based on candidate’s English level + the required IELTS band.
8. Admission Process: Message, call, email, or register online through website.
9. Group admissions (more than 2): Additional fee discount (10%) to each one.

There are discounts based on the provisions displayed online, by the IELTS Counsellor website.

Salient Features:

• Reasonable tuition fee
• Flexible training schedule
• Online Examiner Assessment
• Free Grace Period for preparation
• 5+ Mock Exams before the final test
• FREE materials on test-taking strategies
• Online login for Book-bank and Audio-Visuals
• Essential IELTS examination tips and resources
• IELTS Gen/Acad. tutorial with the recommended books
• Online Certificate of Performance after successful completion
• Alumni membership services and fee concessions for referred ones
• Online Practice audio-visuals comprising workbooks on skills development
• Plenty of real test material, OSPs and CBTs even after completing the programme
• Lectures and on-screen presentations for better understanding of the IELTS examination
• FREE offline practice tests for all 4 tested components: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

To proceed: Contact Mr. Aroosh : WhatsApp +966 539 444 797 before expiry of the ongoing concessions.

Academic Adviser
IELTS Counsellor