27 - Looking for window/divorced wellsettled Sunni Muslim Groom native of HYDERABAD, INDIA

Assalam alaykum.

Iam looking for window/divorced/Single Sunni Muslim groom for my younger sister from a well settled moderate Urdu/Hindi speaking ,who is well settled working as software engineer/ developer/SAP/java/salesforce/cloud/machine learning/Data scientist, IT engineer, Software Consultant, Software Tester, Cloud Systems Engineer, Cloud Software Architect, Robotic engineer etc, in , INDIA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, middle East, gulf countries, USA, Australia, UK, LONDON, MALAYSIA and European countries.(Native of Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Vizag, Zaheerabad, Telangana INDIA)

my sister is a graduate, She Pray Namaz, Follow Quran and SAW(PBUH) islam culture, tradition.and holds a valid passport.

Once groom/ family members view our sister profile, please give the response soon if you're interested, because at least 80 percent groom don't response and do the time pass.

If groom and his family are really serious and interested and are not wasting each other's time, please come to our house and look at my sister after looking at bio-data and photos, and take a final decision, it doesn't matter whether you give a positive/negative response. Inshallah Allah subanahu will decide bride/groom matches.

If interested please contact me or email to exchange the photos/Biodata

Jazakallah khair
Bride Sister (Nafees)
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