INR 13000 / Geek Glantoir A8 wireless vacuum cleaner

Nowadays vacuum cleaner plays a major role in cleaning homes and is more convenient and less time consuming than manual cleaning. Geek Glantoir A8 handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is one of the best portable vacuum cleaners for quick cleaning purposes.

This comes with one of the best latest technologies called as Nanodust filtration technology which removes microscopic dust from the surface gently. This filtration cup can be washed in normal water as usual. Due to this technology even a minute dust particle cannot escape from our sight.
It has dualspeed suction system mode which allows users to switch between low and high suction speed effortlessly at flick of a button depending on level of dusting. Turbo speed mode can help in cleaning the house in shorter duration.
It is a rechargeable vacuum cleaner through which we can clean our home even during power cuts. Once battery is charged for 4-5 hours It can run up to 45mins in turbo speed mode. It comes with 2200mAh battery capacity.
It has Microfiber Soft Dusting Brush to collect minute dust particles. The dust collecting cup’s capacity is 0.5L. It also has an extension tube to reach high places.
The mini vacuum cleaner makes it easy to carry the unit around the house for some quick on-the-spot vacuuming, as well as carrying them up the stairs with less risky of a fall than lugging a giant vacuum cleaner. It saves time and energy, it is capable to clean within 10 min whereas manual cleaning may take up to 30 min or even more than that. It comes with 1-year replacement warranty against manufacturing defect.
When it comes to handheld vacuums, the main benefit is that its compact size not only make us easy to carry around, but also easy to store on a shelf or corner of a closet, laundry room etc. They are extremely weightless, and user friendly. It is highly convenient and we don’t have to be near an outlet to use this vacuum cleaner.
You can get this Geek Glantoir A8 wireless vacuum cleaner online from the link mentioned below

Chennai, Appliances, INR 13000 / Geek Glantoir A8 wireless  vacuum cleanerChennai, Appliances, INR 13000 / Geek Glantoir A8 wireless  vacuum cleaner