INR 1000 / Global E-Procurement Software

Manual data entry, paper-driven processes, and legacy software systems have disturbed procurement process in organizations for too long. Today companies are switching there manual processes to automation with the help of cloud based platforms.

If your business is struggling with manual processing of procurement process due COVID-19 lockdowns, we’ve got a solution.

By leveraging a 100% true cloud platform for pre-integrated business processes and applications, TYASuite E-procurement software manages the various phases in procurement process including purchase request, purchase order, quality checking, request for quotation, etc. This procure to pay software delivers a mechanism, to quickly and effectively link suppliers and provide data analysis functionality that allows operators to monitor costs, inventory tracking, pricing and menu planning to increase profitability. Having this cloud based plug and play procurement to pay solution enables you to develop a solid business plan with aggressive online procurement strategy and to deliver value for the company.

Take your business management a step ahead with TYASuite plug and play E-Procurement Software, and help your business optimize its productivity. Get 90 days free trial and discover what value can enhance your business.
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