INR 300 / Project Management Software for determined team

Are you having problems managing multiple projects in your company?

As a manager, you need to keep track of what work needs to be done and when, which team member is working on what, and more. Project planning is very important for your team’s success. Handling all these manually via emails or spreadsheets is definitely not an efficient way of doing it. To bring everyone on the same page, you need to hold meetings and send out emails which are again a major drawback on your team’s productivity. This is when the use project management software is essential to maintain the entire communication of project in one centralized place.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, TYASuite cloud based Project Management Software provides a real-time view of tasks across the different projects thereby ensuring that your projects are getting delivered on time, on budget, and also meeting the goals you set out to. This plug and play project management software ensures the projects you are working on are the correct ones for the business and gain visibility into project workflows to stay on track. TYASuite Project Management Software lets you work more collaboratively; managing projects end to end and gets more work done.

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