School Bus Tracking with thermal cameras and sanitizing door with ozone .....

a highly specialized next generation GPS tracking solution integrated with the school student ID cards, designed and developed Technologies. was designed considering student safety, accuracy and ease of use as the paramount parameters, and the application focus on ensuring child safety, better tracking and communication between the parents and school. 

#Track Your Child

Track the exact location of your child, to ensure your child is safe on the way to and back from the school.

#Better Time Management
Know exactly when to reach the bus stop to drop off and pick up your child from the bus stop.

#Ensure Child Safety
Make sure that no child is left back in the bus knowingly or unknowingly after the bus reaches the school.

#Communicate Better
Ensure better communication between the school and the parent outside the school campus.

And allso we are providing those services as spratly so tha you can use tha product as you wish

And we have already have technical team at 24/7 in service and all dealing all kind of security system companies