INR 7999 / Portable Electric Rice cooker

Geek Robocook one pot cooking elegantly replaces the need to use as kadai, pressure cooker, saute pan, rice cooker and multiple smaller vessels for cooking; paving more space in the Indian kitchen. Geek Robocook Zeta 5-5L with NS pot is one of the best portable Electric Rice Cookers in India. It has a soft touch display panel with present menus indicating the “real-time” left for cooking; that helps you to multitask easier and better. It works on direct power consuming less electricity and the removable accessories like the bowl, gasket, and power cord make cleaning and storing easy. It comes with the following features.

The Multi pre-set option makes cooking literally a, “One Touch Button” process. You have to fill in the ingredients in the cooking bowl with minimal basic sautéing/mixing and the rest is taken care of by Robocook. This portable electric rice cooker comes with Pre-set options available especially for the Indian kitchen and varies from Rice/Dal/Chana/Sāmbhar/Pongal & even idly also includes options for cooking Non-veg (Chicken/Meat & Fish) including Biryani. The add-on manual option provides the liberty of customised cooking. There is also a Delay Timer option available in this cooker that literally gives you the option to plan and cook as per your desired time and schedule.

This Automatic Electric cooker comes with the enhanced PIC technology that assures food is cooked completely while retaining all the essential nutrients. The ingenious features like pressure limiting exhaust valve, exhaust pipe, and help in optimal steam release during cooking; that assures food is not overcooked and remains fresh; ready to be served even after long, after cooking. With the Circumvent Cooking technology, there is a right balance maintained between the temperature and time for cooking so that will help you cook just right and retain all the nutritional value. First in class Pressure release button and Pressure exhaust valve that replicates the storage of pressure inside the cooker, similar to a usual pressure cooker. These features help keep the food fresh even after prolonged hours of post cooking.

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