INR 1999 / Top Portable Water Dispenser Pump in India from Watamate

Automatic water dispenser pumps are extremely useful in these current days where most people get their daily drinking water supply through heavy water cans. These cans are heavy, and they are especially difficult to use for women, the elderly and those who already have health issues like back pains. The solution to this issue, is the use of these automatic water dispenser pumps. One of the best automatic water dispenser pumps is from Watamate, a company that is focused on providing water management solutions. It provides many different types of products such as Water Purifier Jugs, Water Dispensers, Rechargeable Water Dispenser pumps, Washing Machine Filters and Bath Filters.

Now, Watamate has come up with a new mini electric water dispenser called the Watamate Alpha+. These water dispenser pumps are small enough to be portable and made specifically to handle all standard 20 litre bubbletop water cans of different brands. They operate on a DuraX3 engine powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery. This enables it to retrieve water out of the cans in a quick and quiet manner. One charge is enough to fill five 20 litre water cans and its fast enough to fill a 1 litre bottle in about 30 seconds.

It has an expandable Tri Adaptor that makes it fit any brand of water can firmly, and it is flexible. It is also very safe as it is made of BPA free food-grade material with durable treated steel ramble. Even the silicon tube that is used to bring up the water is made with food-grade high-quality silicon material. It is elegant in appearance, with its matt black top, pearl white matt build and stone ring embellishment makes it perfectly suitable for homes, offices and even hospitals. It comes with a 1-year warranty and additionally a free Water Can Handle too.

It will be the perfect product to suit your needs. For more such innovative products, visit their website!
Watamate Alpha+:

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