The episode of COVID-19 is the most present danger that the world faces today. With more than 2.7 Million positive instances of the infection and over 190,000 losses announced up until now, the pandemic has surprised the world and absolute turmoil and frenzy are surrounding us. However, the only way to overcome this bitter time is by spreading positive vibes in the air.

Our ways of life have changed from various perspectives over the most recent couple of weeks. We have begun looking after cleanliness, significantly more, began keeping up social separation and the ends of the week which were gone through spending time with our friends are presently squandered by sitting back at home. Life has turned dreary after a similar schedule each day. So what should be possible to dodge this fatigue out of lives? The solution is here. We can spend our time while learning new things, reading books, through window shopping, or we can meet our craving for mouth-watering pizzas at the ease of our home. We all should stay at our home to overcome this crisis period. Stay positive and keep uttering that we shall overcome…!!!
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