INR 1000 / The right E-Procurement Software for your enterprise

Businesses today expect their procurement process to drive greater strategic profit. The capability to attain this is directly proportional to how efficiently procurement manages its end-to-end operations and how well it can unlock key insights across its operations. But depending on manually-driven legacy or in-house technologies, with their fundamental limitations, can’t provide procurement with the visibility that is required to function in the digital world.

This is where E-Procurement Software makes a huge difference by helping companies accomplish procurement transformation by digitizing their work processes through smart automation and analytics.

TYASuite cloud based E-Procurement Software has capabilities span the entire procurement lifecycle, from employee requisitions, through the approval workflow, to invoicing and inventory management. The integration of this plug and play procurement to pay software can make your suppliers happy as the whole procurement process is being electronically performed and automated so that your suppliers doesn’t have to wait for a long period of time, can get paid instantly, and ensure a regular and constant cash flow

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Bangalore, Software, INR 1000 / The right E-Procurement Software for your enterprise