INR 500 / Non-compliance risks with compliance management software

The increasing intricacy and rate of regulatory change around the world makes it difficult to ensure compliance. Ineffectiveness of accountability and transparency might lead to penalties and fines which can significantly harm your brand image and can be extremely costly. Regulatory requirements also diversify between different types of operations and making the process of determining applicability complex. Therefore, in any organization, compliance management is extremely important to make sure that all government mandated trade laws and standards are followed. The TYASuite automated Compliance Management Software eradicate compliance deviations and helps compliance managers foresee and handle all the regulatory changes.

TYASuite Compliance Management Software tracks all statutory compliance of your business on cloud ERP, without the use of any physical hardware around thereby providing great internal control and outline business rules with the help of easy workflows. Generate customized policies and build workflows with approvals based on built-in templates in our software.

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