MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing” which clears a lot of things about itself. LetsCms Pvt Ltd. presents you Unilevel MLM Plan, a WordPress plugin that serves a way to earn money by just creating a chain/hierarchy network by combining a group of peoples together online. LetsCms Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software and web design company that serves its services at a convenient cost around all over the world. Visit letscms or mlmtrees official website to buy Unilevel MLM plan and start earning unlimited in such a short time of period. If you are looking for a good website or software as per your requirement then contact us, we are always there for your help.
Binary MLM Plan includes a two legged structure where in a parent Node has two sub nodes where each new distributor or members is placed in either left or right sub-tree. One sub-tree is known as a Power Leg or Profit Leg while the second sub-tree is a Profit Leg or a weak leg.. It is one of the basic Binary MLM plan which is required by all the MLM organizations be it small or large. The binary MLM plan helps admin managing users or sub nodes in a binary network to keep record of their income, expenses etc.


Admin Features

Order status selection feature.
Feature to be a MLM Customer.
Feature Royalty Bonus based on commission amount & pool amount.
Commissions based on product point value and product price feature .
Eligibility Setting to get commissions.
Initial Pair commission settings.
Initial pair amount settings.
Further Pair commission settings.
Further Pair amount settings.
Join commission Settings.
Direct Referral commission Settings.
Service charges settings.
Tax deduction Settings.
Cap Limit Amount Settings.
Bonus settings Based on Pair and direct referral.
Royalty Bonus settings .
Withdrawal Limit settings(max , min).
Email Settings .
SMS Configuration Settings .
SMS Settings .
Payout Reports & User Reports in admin.
Feature Withdrawal pay and history in admin.
Genealogy representation of the Downlines with username.
Run payout - distribute commission &Run Payout .
Feature reset MLM plan in admin .

Frontend Features
Dashboard feature for logged-in customer .
Payout listing and detail for logged-in MLM customer.
All commission with detail on payout detail page for logged-in MLM customer.
Feature Update bank details for logged-in MLM customer.
Feature to withdrawal request and request Details on withdrawal request page.
Genealogy representation of the MLM customer Downlines in better design.
Register MLM customer by registration page .
Register MLM customer by genealogy registration .
Register MLM customer by checkout registration registration .

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