Disc Granulator Machine for fertilizer pellet

Disc granulator machine https://www.fertilizergranulator.com/fertilizer-granulator-machine-series/disc-granulator.html is suitable for small fertilizer factories, and its production capacity is smaller than that of organic granulator machine (https://www.fertilizergranulator.com/fertilizer-granulator-machine-series/new-type-organic-fertilizer-granulator.html). Disc granulator has a uniform granulation, high granulation rate, smooth operation, durable, long service life, highly praised by users, is the majority and ideal product of users.
The design of disc granulator machine is convenient for intermittent continuous production, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. The series of disc granulator is a new kind of slanting disc granulation equipment: the granulation rate is more than 90%, the reducer and the motor adopt the flexible belt drive, start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of NPK fertilizer production line (https://www.fertilizergranulator.com/production-line/npk-fertilizer-production-line.html).
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