Why Don’t You Prepare For IELTS More Confidently Than Ever Before ?

Did you know that IELTS Counsellor has an IELTS-expert teacher in your city also? If YES, then why don’t you prepare for IELTS more confidently than ever before?

What is IELTS Counsellor?

IELTS Counsellor is an innovative active learning mind-room dedicated since 1998 towards English language education and ESOL examination ; As an IELTS trainer, IELTS Counsellor is certainly different from any next-door English tutorial. This has been proved by the higher success rates of our past results. IELTS Counsellor, originally started as TOEFL Academy in 1998 (India), gradually but expertly became a familiar name among the topmost IELTS Trainers. Our alumni have become our strength and continue to earn success through success.

Why should you prepare through IELTS Counsellor ?
Besides necessity, preparing for IELTS needs your understanding of the English language, your curiosity, consistent efforts, sagacious planning and above all, experienced mentors. It has been the prime objective of our training facilities, globally, to make learning not only affordable but also interesting for the students, professionals, and test-takers so that they treat this preparation as essential part of career development, instead of a burden.

Are you preparing for IELTS?
Do you know how to avoid multiple attempts?
Do you know how to make your preparation affordable?
Do you know, that IELTS Counsellor is providing you an E-Library?

We have the Solution: A course that prepares you for the IELTS test and can be used to fulfil the requirements of universities and embassies – for admissions, scholarships, jobs, and migration to a foreign country.

Course Details:
• Tuition can be 30 to 50% FREE
• Online and offline assessment of progress
• Most lessons are recommended by IELTS examiners
• This course has been proving itself as a unique time-saver
• Suitably designed guidance covering both the IELTS modules
• Books & CBTs as recommended by prominent IELTS Examiners
• Use of technology to streamline the language learning process
• Intensive practice sessions, based on IELTS previous papers
• Discrete guidance in reading, Writing, listening, speaking
• Group discussions, speeches, interviews, presentations
• Guided practice examinations for all participants
• Latest information and exam strategies
• 25 common errors addressed.

Course Summary:
• Normal Duration: 8 weeks + 2 extended weeks.
• Lesson Plan based on Cambridge band descriptors.
• Free books, CBTs, question papers and practice software.
• Lesson Schedule: 3 days per week / 6 days per week (Optional).
• Tuition Fee: Based on the exam result of the candidate at the time of joining.
• Fully Online-supported Interface for Paper-based as well as Computer-based IELTS exams.

Instructor: Cambridge-Certified Teacher and TOEFL Academy founder, Teaching English and IELTS since 1998. Post-Graduate with English Teacher Training Certification (TKT & CELTA).

We are committed uniquely:
1. We believe, your success is based on 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
2. We believe, your success is our success; this explains why we are dedicated 24 x 7.
3. We believe any unrealistic guarantee is just alluring and leads to loss of time and resources.

Please do not be misguided by every other teacher claiming to be the IELTS Counsellor representative. Double-check by verifying their contact numbers ONLY from the IELTS Counsellor website.

Wishing you ABSOLUTE 8+ BAND SUCCESS !!!

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