30 - Seeking Groom proposal for Syed Sunni BRIDE under 32 years old

Aslam o alaykum,

Syed Sunni-Bride's parents are seeking proposal for their daughter.

Her profile is as follows:-

Age 30 years old
Martial status single
Education FA
Height 5.4"
Weight 55
Color fair
Iqama/Visa expired, will re issue

She is amiable in nature, well mannered, educated and is brought up in a religious atmosphere.

Groom/parents must be fulfilled the following requirements:

Syed Sunni - section? such as Ghallani-Jallani-Hasmi-Naqvi ….?
Age up to 32
Martial status single only
Height 5.5/6"
Weight under 60
Cadre Dr. / Engineer / Army Officer
Iqama holder is preferred along technical profession

Please note that only Syed - Sunni Groom's Parents are only offered to contact (for bachelor only)their son's profile, rest of that will not be responded.

Bride's pic will share only after the reasonable stage.

Thanks for understanding our view.

Jazak Allahu Khair
Email id: [email protected]