I Am Looking For A Neat & Clean Family Flat On First Floor (w/o Duct) In A New Building

Assalamu Alaikum;

I am looking for a Non-furnished, Neat & Clean, Safe & Secure family flat only on First Floor; Road Side Flat (without duct) in a new building; with Safety Grills on windows; and with (or) without Balcony.

--- in Madinat Al-ummal / Behind Al-awwal Bank / Near Panda (or) Shamaliya (near Pakistani School)

-- with 3 Bed Rooms + Living Room + Drawing Room + Kitchen + 2 Bathrooms

--- with Indians & Pakistanis

(Please, you may call and share the photos of the Flat; Location and Rent particulars on whatzapp)

Adil - 0568478543 (whatzapp also)