USD 8000 / 3000-6000LPH vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Transformers require filtered and dries oil. During its usage, the insulating oil absorbs moisture and gets polluted by sopping fibers, dirty particles, aging products, and soot. Even unused oil is not clean enough as it may have absorbed moisture from the air or may have get polluted in the barrel it was stored in. The efficiency of the oil as an insulating material is highly reduces as the moisture level increases. Hence, Transformer oil filtering is an important process which eliminates solid particles, dissolved gasses, and dissolved water. The electrical properties of the oil can be enhanced by filtering, dehydration, and degassing. ASSEN ZYD Transformer Oil Purification plant keeps the transformer in good condition and increase its life.

Performance of ZYD Transformer Oil Purification Machine
Water Removal: Overall Water Content ≤3 PPM by removing free, emulsified, and dissolved water.
Particulate Removal: Particle counts as low as 1 micron.
Entrained Air and Gas Removal ≤ 0.3%
Acid Removal: can be equipped with fullers earth towers to neutralize acid and Lower TAN to < 0.03 KOH/g
Dielectric Strength:≥75 kV per ASTM 877

1. Eliminates water, gas and impurities effectively by utilizing the unique technology of 3D Stereo-Evaporation, hence improve the dielectric strength and the quality of oil, which ensures a safe operation of power generation equipment.
2. ZYD oil purifier plant can inject the insulation oil into the transformer devices, and has the function of electrification online operation.
3. This machine has the advantages of small size, high efficiency and easy to move, plc fully automatically operation, so it is convenient to operate at various sites.
4. Adopts double infrared liquid control automatically system to control inlet and outlet the oil smoothly.
5. Trinity interlock and protection device, achieved man separate with machine really.
6. ST series equipment can be used for testing insulation withstand voltage and print the result automatically.
7. This machine can work independently, also it can work with the oil regeneration system that can eliminate the acid, the color and reduce the PH value effectively, then further enhance the insulation value of oil.

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