AED 199 / VIGIL- VAT Accounting Software (ERP) for Trade & Service Industry


ACCOUNTING & BILLING Trading / Retail Software (Cloud Version)
Starting From AED 199/- Per Month)
Inventory, Accounts and POS / Bar-coding
Fully VAT Enabled
Arabic Printing (Invoice)
Supports: Bar-code scanners, Bar-code Printers, Customer display, Cash box, etc.

P.O.S ( Inventory, A/c, P.O.S ( Inventory, Accounts and Bar-coding )


[Financial Accounting, Inventory, Advance, PDC and Import management,

Sales / Purchase Order Processing, Delivery Order (D/O), Goods Receipt Note (GRN / GRV / MRV)]

* with multi-unit inventory & by Batch number & Expiry Date

* with Value added Tax (VAT) as Per UAE specifications

Specific Versions for :-

Textile Whole Sale

Spare Parts



Perfumes, Garments, Cosmetics

Tools, Machinery, Building Materials


Textile Software (Wholesale with Multi-unit Inventory)

Contracting / Job Costing

Trading & Manufacturing ERP.

Dance & Music School / Institute Management

Clinic / Dental

Used Car Trading & Exporting

Passenger Transport Management

Vehicle, Bus Rental (Rent a Car)

Machinery / Equipment Rental

Limousine Management

Real Estate Management

Technical Services & Job Costing

Time Management, Payroll, HR & WPS

Manpower Supply, Voyage Control (Shipping)

Workshop / Automobile ( Auto ) Garage Management

Funds (Money / Transfer) Collection and Distribution System

Tailoring / Stitching / Uniform Manufacturing Management

Various Small Applications
· Label / Price Tag / Bar-code Printing (English / Arabic)
· Cheque Printing
· Time / Attendance/ Service Recording etc.

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* All VIGIL Products are VAT/ GST enabled

or Any Customized Software as per Requirement
Dubai, Software, AED 199 / VIGIL- VAT Accounting Software (ERP) for Trade & Service Industry