You can wear the Black custom size of the new kilt-colored jacket with a vest in formal and informal events. It made of original quality stainless material. This jacket look is stylish, modern, and attractive. An excellent team prepares this jacket and evaluates the quality. You can wear different jackets with a vest. This will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The quality of the product is guarantee.

You can use these jackets in casual functions like dinners, balls, or parties to attract others. You can use it traditionally worn with a Scottish tartan kilt, socks, and Ghillie brogues. This is a fully customizable and genuinely great addition to your wardrobe. You get this jacket with a vest according to your colors and style. Just place the order and tell us your preferences. Do not miss out on this jacket if you want to bring a modest style to your wardrobe. It will take care of your personality and give you a modern look.

Designers follow the simple traditional method of sewing and handling. Their great team evaluates the quality of the kilt coat. Their product is stainless.The Prince Charlie jacket is a formal and dress choice that should reserve for formal evening events. Similar to the American tuxedo, this jacket wear with a cardigan and a matching bow tie. Usually worn in black or red, this jacket has scalloped edges and silver buttons. The front of the jacket is shorter with long tails at the back.

The tails decorated with silver buttons that add to the formality of the Prince Charlie Jacket. Other stylish accessories are part of this jacket, and this jacket wears with a traditional kilt. This coat usually made of wool with a satin lining on the inside. This jacket is elegant and straightforward that reflects Scottish tradition and pride at its best.

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