Looking for an exclusive distributor - Manuka Honey- World's Best Honey

We are looking for a distributor to represent us for World's Best Honey -Manuka Honey -New Zealand

Keeper is an eco-friendly, authentic and down to earth artisan Manuka & beekeeping company that controls and maintains their supply chain every step of the way… from the apiary to the jar. Every drop of Manuka Honey we sell has been produced by our very own bees and beekeepers, giving us the unique ability to vouch for the quality and authenticy of all our Manuka Honey.

Keeper is a family owned boutique company that focuses on quality over quantity. We are passionate about our bees and proud to share our Manuka with the world.

What is Manuka honey?
Manuka honey comes from the white flowers of the manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), a native bush which grows in remote areas of New Zealand. The honey bee pollinates the Leptospermum scoparium flower and uses its nectar to create the Manuka honey.

What are the benefits of Manuka honey?
The natural antibacterial properties found in Manuka set it apart from other types of honey. An active ingredient, ‘Methylglyoxal’ (MGO) is responsible for these antibacterial properties and has made manuka honey the popular natural medicine that it is today.

We offer :

Quality Premium Grade and Certified Product.
Marketing Support
Exclusive Distributors Opportunity
Very attractive margins,

We are looking for a distributor with established customer base in Health Care Products, Pharmacies , Beauty care and / or Retail .

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