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For more than half a century, SCHMIDT Technology has been producing highly sophisticated solutions for writing instruments. The Schmidt 888 Refill is a high-quality system developed to offer the utmost comfort and luxury at an affordable price for one of the most exquisite writing experiences.

The Schmidt 888 refill is one of several Schmidt Liquid Ink Refills available by Schmidt Technologies in Germany. They offer great performance and easy handling. This convenience is owed to an easy and smooth gliding experience over the paper. The Schmidt 888 version is offered with a plastic tube and is an affordable alternative to many of the higher-priced options.

The Schmidt Safely ceramic roller Refills avoid drying up by means of a sophisticated ventilation system and are designed for use in writing instruments without perfect sealing caps. They typically will last up to 12 months if placed in storage with the provided plastic cap.

Schmidt 888 Plastic safety ceramic rollerball refill has a length of 110.6 mm which fits 90% of all Rollerball Pens and features an economical plastic tube and stainless-steel tip and are available with several different size ceramic balls:

• The Schmidt 888 Fine comes with a 0.6 mm ceramic ball.
• The Schmidt 888 Medium comes with a 0.7 mm ceramic ball.
• The Schmidt 888 Broad comes with a 1.0 mm ceramic ball.

The Schmidt 888 refill is also available in several colors and tips size varieties such as:

• The Schmidt 888 Black Fine
• The Schmidt 888 Black Medium
• The Schmidt 888 Black Broad
• The Schmidt 888 Blue Fine
• The Schmidt 888 Blue Medium
• The Schmidt 888 Blue Broad
• The Schmidt 888 Red Fine
• The Schmidt 888 Green Fine
Lanier Pens offers many ballpoint pen refills and rollerball pen refills made by Schmidt and exported directly from the brand’s factory in Germany. Lanier is the major distributor of the full line of Schmidt Pen Refills in the USA and Canada.

We are devoted to providing you the best writing instruments and accessories anywhere. We make sure to offer the best quality products and, therefore, carefully inspect different aspects of the writing instrument for functionality and elegance. We also ship most refill only orders the same day so you will not have to wait long for your new pen refills. If you place your order before 1:00 PM PST, it will ship the same day!

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