INR 93000 / Top Universe Offers Used 20ft Cargo worthy Shipping Containers for Sale in Mundra

A Standard 20ft shipping container is widely used in India for Industrial and Storage Purposes, due to its low cost and low maintenance it is majorly used for export of goods in a safe & secure way.
These Shipping Containers are most preferred containers mainly because of their optimum size. This feature makes them ideal for almost every industry since they suit perfectly to various types of transportation.
In Industrial application, these shipping containers are used for storage purposes and to load, unload or even transport equipment with ease. The Shipping Containers are Water proof and Leak Proof and made from 14 gauge high strength corrugated steel. The Shipping Container provides an area of 150 sq. ft. and a Volume of 1160 cu ft. which helps in a lot of space for Storage. At Top Universe we provide Shipping Containers at an affordable price, with CSC and ISO certification and of premium quality.
We have 50 units of 20ft Shipping Containers (YOM mix of 2007-08) ready for SALE at USD 1250/per unit.

To know more about these versatile Storage Containers, please do visit our website, or contact us at [email protected] to get an instant quote.

About Top Universe:

TOP Universe is a highly diversified business involved in Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Container Trading. We offer quality new and used shipping containers in a variety of shapes and Sizes at the best prices. Our inventory consists of 6 ft. to 45 ft. long containers which are available as Flat racks Containers, High cubes Containers, Open top Containers, Open side Containers, and Standard boxes, as well as chassis in various lengths.

We also supply DNV and chemical storage containers at competitive rates. Our all-steel boxes are Versatile enough to suit every need – from industrial storage to transportation to building modular Spaces – while our dedicated team guides you at every stage to ensure that you choose the right Container each time you buy from us.

Ahmedabad, Heavy Equipment, INR 93000 / Top Universe Offers Used 20ft Cargo worthy Shipping Containers for Sale in Mundra