EUR 4 / Buy Online VSG2-94 CATEGORIE 1 Face Mask

Mask made from thin knit with 2 layers of GOTS-standard organic cotton on the inside and polyamide on the outside. The layers are densely knitted to filter 94% of particles but give high breathability.

Beautiful textile product, comfortable to wear, easy to care for, and durable to accompany your daily life. The mask with straps adapts to all morphologies and does not tighten behind the ears.

The mask is light (around 28g) and pleasant to wear. We have given it antibacterial treatment for hygienic reasons, especially to avoid odours due to breathing humidity. The mask was developed to be washed at least 50 times. It is recommended to change it every 4 hours.

The mask was developed in accordance with the French government guidance from 29.03.2020 for alternative masks, it was tested by the French army laboratory DGA RP2084 on 02.04.2020. This mask is not for use in health care.

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