Buy India’s Best Home Air Purifier - Vyom

When you inhale dust, bacteria pollen, or pet odor, your body reacts to produce IgE, the allergy antibody. Allergic reactions come with this response. Air purifiers such as Vyom purifier reduce pet odor and dust which can decrease the chance of you getting allergies. Vyom is India’s best home air purifier improve the air quality of your home. Features os Vyom Air purifier: Its sterilize Light Rapidly kills viruses and bacteria. It’s High-efficiency HEPA Filter eliminates mold, dust, allergens, and bacteria. Low-Temperature Filter - Adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, Cold Catalyst. It’s antivirus non-woven fabric Filter Removes fine particles, acarian, microbe, bacteria. For details product information visit:
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