Bitcoin Startup Looking for Funding - Guaranteed Returns & Monthly Payouts

Maximizing your money is no longer a dream!

We are a team of entrepreneurs from Bangalore,India currently running successful business in digital technology platforms.

Having strong expertise in traditional and cryptofinance, We are developing an innovative product based on AI & ML which can deliver out-performance in the evolving and fast moving cryptocurrency markets.

You can invest minimum of INR 3 Lakh to 20 Lakh with us(Dept Funding).

You loan the amount to us just as you make Fixed Deposits in Banks. Ensured that your loan is legally valid and secure by making a loan agreement.

We offer you the higher interest rates(10% p.a to 15% p.a) for a fixed tenure. You do not get any rights from the company and are only eligible to collect interest as a payout. Your loan amount is repayable. You receive the principal amount at the end of the tenure, upon maturity.

In addition to that you are also assured with the fixed share of profit(upto 30% of your investment***) as a return if our product succeeds., which is also given back to you at the end of a term.

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