Real Estate & Apartment Management Software (version 2.0.6)
RealEstPro empowers property management companies with next-generation tools to drive optimum profitability from their real estate investments. The solution organizes property and tenant info, helps collect rent and service requests, Billing & Invoicing, Commercial and Residential Lease Management, Profit / Loss Statement, Contact Management , Document Management , Expense and Incomes, Alerts, Complaint register, notice periods, reminders and powerful reporting etc.

Major modules of the RealEstPro are below:

Generating & Managing Rental Agreements
Rent Collection Details
Preparing Rental Receipts (Unit wise/Building wise)
Building/Unit Maintenance Details
Additional Expense & Income Details
Furniture/Electronics etc Issue Details
Complaint Register for Tenants
Notice Period Details
Employee Salary Details
Salary Slip Creation
Banks & Bank Account Details
Bank Transactions
Cheque Issue Details
Building Details & Rental Unit Details
Tenant Details
Employees Details
Building Owners Details
Stock/Furniture/Electronics etc
Ledger Creation (Expense/Income)
Broker/Agency Details
Managing Users, User Rights & Module Allocation for Each User

Unit Vacancy/Availability List
Rent Collection Report
Cash Book
Cheque Issue Report
Bank Statements
Building/Unit Maintenance Report
Tenants / Owners Report
Phone Book
Investment Details
Additional Expense Report (Ledger wise)
Additional Income Report (Ledger wise)
Employees Report
Brokers Statement
Complaints Report
Building/Unit Maintenance report
Employee Salary Statements
Complete Business Report/Profit Report

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Manama, Software, APARTMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (Technopark Bahrain SPC)Manama, Software, APARTMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (Technopark Bahrain SPC)