Family Intervention Services EB Intervention Team

We serve the professional intervention services to help families with the intervention process. Family intervention programs provide the best treatment to your loved one.
Confrontations aren’t easy, we understand that. But on certain occasions, an intervention could be the last thread of hope you have left to save a loved one from losing themselves to addiction. EB Intervention offers professional intervention services for any and every individual hoping to begin their journey towards sobriety with the assistance of a certified interventionist. EB Intervention holds services for all problems, whether you need an alcohol intervention specialist or want to perform a drug intervention, we’ve got your back. There’s no need to worry, for we offer much more than just simple solutions. Family interventions, safe sober transport, sober companionship, recovery coaching, treatment referrals and even admissions counsellor training are only a tiny glimpse into the efforts we take towards a brighter tomorrow for you and your family. Why wait? Make the change you’ve needed, today.
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