Big Capacity Automatic Commercial Industrial Cooking Mixer With Stirrer

This commercial industrial cooking mixer machine is widely used in candy, pharmacy, dairy products, alcohol, cakes, candied fruit, beverage, canned, braised food such as food processing. Industrial cooking pots can also be used in large restaurant or dining room to boil soup, cook, stew, boil conger, etc. It is a food processing to improve quality, shorten time, improve the working conditions. Using planetary mixing makes no blind angles. No paste pot ,no sticky pot.

If you want to open one food company ,you need to purchase many industrial cooking mixer machines help you save manpower and time .Are you looking for this type machine? Don’t worry ,the Industrial cooking mixer can help you. It can reach required temperatures within short time ,and the control panel is fully automatic where easy to operate.

Automatic food commercial industrial cooking mixer with low price and newly designed by professional manufacturer. This commercial cooking mixer equipment can produce various sauces, jams, fillings and vegetables. It can meet different companies for different demands.

Advanced Manufacturing Machinery And Techniques:
We are proud of our staff, who are responsible and with rich experience. Combination with our staff first-class skill and the aid of our big scale laser machines, our products are highly commented by our customers and thereby help us earn more regular customers.

Shandong Longze Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Longze Machinery” in short), officially established in 2012, based in Zhucheng City, Weifang, Shandong Province, China, is a professional manufacturer of cooking and mixing machinery for food and snacks, including industrial popcorn machine, planetary cooking mixer, jacketed kettle, pressure/vacuum cooker, which are universal to make spices, chili sauce, curry sauce, fruit jam, sweets, Halva, paste, nougat, candied fruits, coated nuts, fillings, vegetables, meat------

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