29 - Seeking A Kerala Bride For My Brother


My family is seeking a bride for my brother, who is presently in kerala .
My brother's name is fahad and he is 29. Regarding our family, our family consist of mother, father, sister (me) and my brother (fahad). We were in riyadh for more than 25 years, now, my parents are retired and is settled in kochi, Kerala. We hail from an upper middle class family.

My brother holds an MBA from the University of Auckland, New Zealand .he did his BBA from ernakulam and schooling from international indian school, Riyadh.
Earlier he was working in New Zealand and Riyadh, due to the pandemic, he got stuck in Kerala during February and lost his job with the New Zealand Airways. currently he is running a fast food business in Cochin.
He is of average complexion with a height of 5.6'

We are looking for a bride from Kerala who is either well educated or is beautiful (if she is beautiful, then education is not given much preference). financial background is not important to us as we are financially sound.
interested parties ,please contact in 0091-9497072758