Online Quran Teachers Required

Online Job Opportunity for Quran Teachers

An Online Quran Academy " Academia Quran " requires certified Quran Teachers (male & female) who can teach English speaking students.

Job applicant must:
- Be sincere, honest, Fear Allah & teach Quran as an Amaanah from Allah.
- Be haafidh/haafidhah with qualifying documents.
- Teach Qaidah Nooraniyyah, Tajweed, Tilaawah & Hifdh.
- Work for 4 hrs daily, 6 days/week (Friday is holiday).
- Contract for minimum of 1 year.
- Have good internet connection to take online classes.

Note: All interviews are in English language.

Eligible candidates kindly send their CV/Resume to [email protected] . Please include your email, phone & whatsapp number.

May Allah bless everyone with Khayr and Barakah, Ameen.