Promising Investment In Belitung Island Indonesia

We offer promising investment opportunities on the coast of Tanjung Tinggi Belitung,
The first and only one in Belitung.
Namely a water bicycle rental business investment

Why water bikes?
1. Low / cheap investment at the most booming beach in Belitung
2. Potential quick return on investment and profits
3. first in Belitung
4. no place fees (managed by local residents)
5. strategic rental location (Tanjung Tinggi beach is always crowded with local or outside tourists visiting the area every day)
6. tourist visits outside the region to Belitung continue to increase, so that business potential can continue to grow
7. We have links with travel agents in Belitung
8. Units easy to assemble and install and clean and durable
9. Rental prices are relatively cheap (100 thousand / hour)

For additional information
Belitung is famous for its calm sea water, so this water bike is very suitable for rent in Belitung.

As for what is needed to start this business is
1.5 to 10 units of water bikes
2. Pick up car to transport the unit
3.1 water tank unit, compressor and water hose to clean the unit from seawater after use

The estimated capital needed is 300 million rupiah
We can also start with 2 or 3 units only

For more information please contact me through whatsapp 085380971873 or email : [email protected]