SemiAutomatic Cooking Mixer Machine For Bean Paste

Semi-Automatic Industrial Bean Paste Cooking Mixer Machine:
Longze brand industrial semi-Automatic cooking mixer has LPG heating, LNG heating, electromagnetic heating, steam heating, thermal oil heating.

Semi-Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine Can be used in large canteens and restaurants.With a semi-Automatic cooking mixer for bean paste capacity of 100-600L, it can cooking all kinds of sauces, fillings, fruit jam, bean paste, vegetables and other foods.

The lifting and turning of the stirring shaft of the Full Automatic Bean Paste Cooking Mixer Machine equipment and the turning of the frying pan to the material all adopt automatic control, which is applicable to the interchangeable production of small batch and many varieties.
Full Automatic Bean Paste Cooking Mixer Machine planet stirring is a new type of equipment with higher automation and energy saving and environmental protection, which is improved on the basis of traditional heating.

Advanced manufacturing machinery and techniques:
All our parts are fabricated with advance technology equipment, such as laser cutting machine, laser labeling machine, NC machine, etc, standard and accurate. Incorporated with excellent skills of our workers, our products process durable quality and can be operational for years without breakdown with our customers.

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