INR 25000 / Low Voltage Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

Powermatrix offers a broad range of apfc panels (automatic power factor correction panels). These panels come from combining excellent technical knowledge for the power system. Power matrix provides the best apfc panels. We are leading Apfc panels distributors in Mumbai, providing quality services at cost-effective rates.

Range of PFC modules include:
Rated voltage : 415 or 440 V
Switching device : Capacitor contactor or Thyristor
Rating : 5, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 kvar
Capacitors : MPP (SH) resin filled or gas impregnated
Series reactor : 0%, 0.2%, 1% or 7%

LV APFC Solutions
Contractor / Thyristor based APFC solution for low voltage.
Models – LTM & HTM.
Capacitors – APP / MPP.
Response Time- 20 – 40 mS for maxVarTy. 1 – 180 s for maxVar.
Modular design, Single panel rating -25 to 1200 KVAR.
Built under the “ Fit & Forget “ PMX manufacturing philosophy.
3 years unconditional warranty on apfc panels

Are you facing a situation where the supply current is lagging the applied voltage? If you are facing such a problem, then you must have apfc panels made by Power Matrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. placed so that you can get relief from such effects.

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