Kavach – which means armour, aims at providing trendy yet functional accessories to the end users for protection against all forms of pollutants. These come in the form of scarves and unisex masks for day to day protection against pollution.

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5 Layered Mask Contains - Printed Premium Cotton Outer Layer + Spunbond Fabric + 2 Meltblown Layers Of Particle Filtering Media + Polyester Dry-Fit Inner Layer. There Is No An Exhalation Valve Or Carbon Filter.
All The Filter Media In This Mask Is Sewn Into The Middle Layers Of The Mask And Is Not Replaceable.
Other Material Includes – Elastic Ear Loop With Silicon Adjusters For The Perfect Fit And Comfort. Aluminum Noseband And Foam Based Nose Bridge Pad To Assure A Snug Fit.


One Size Fits All. Width Is 7 Inches And Length Is 6 Inches.
Measure LENGTH From The Middle Of Your Nose To About A Little Over An Inch Under Your Chin. The WIDTH Is From The Middle Of Your Left Cheek To The Middle Of Your Right Cheek.


All Our Masks Are Reusable Filtering Mask With Two Layer Of Filter Media, Sewn Into Middle Of The Mask: A Highly Efficient Particle Filter For Protecting From Inhaled Microscopic Particles And Contaminants In Poor Air Quality.


Our Mask And Filter Media Both Tested As Per NIOSH Standards In An ISO Certified Laboratory. CLICK HERE To See Certifications.


We Do Not Recommend Washing Anti-Viral (Sewn In Filter) Mask Since It Reduces The Filtration Capacity Of The Mask.
To Disinfect The Mask, You Can 1) Using A UV Sterilizer, 2) Sunning The Mask In The Day Or Airing It In A Fanned Room So That All The Moisture On The Mask Is Dry Will Kill Any Virus.


The Filtering Efficiency Of A Mask Depends On A Proper Fit. Please Refer To Size Chart.
Normally People Replace Their Mask Each Year; In Environments Of High Particulate Matter Such As Poor Air Quality Conditions, It Is Recommended The Mask Be Replaced Every 5-6 Months, Or When A Noticeable Increase In Breathing Resistance Occurs.

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