✍️ In 3 Hours You Would Know That Why Our Students Perform So Well In IELTS Tests ✍️

✍️ IELTS Test Preparation with Specialization in IELTS Writing (Academic + General)✍️

Beginning with specially developed fluency test, our teachers would assess your WRITING skills as well as your difficulties in English, and accordingly, you would be provided essential guidance, tips, and strategies with learning resources.

This webinar will prepare you for the full IELTS Writing Test in just 3 hours, comprising the following:
✍️ Explaining the IELTS WRITING Test formats.
✍️ Describing the skills required in the writing test.
✍️ Explaining the types of questions in the examination.
✍️ Varying approaches in answering WRITING question types.
✍️ Guided practice of previous IELTS test papers of writing exam.
✍️ What should be the preparation before registering the IELTS test.
✍️ Demonstrating discourse markers, and advanced features of writing.
✍️ Calculating the way examiners reward higher bands – Practical Session.
✍️ Personalized recommendations by the IELTS Counsellor after the assessment.
✍️ Time-saving short-notes for busy people so that their voyage to IELTS gets realized.

✍️ As published on IELTS Counellor website

Mode, Location and Contacts
✍️ Online Classroom (Webinar)
✍️ Phone: +966 539444797
✍️ Email: [email protected]

Booking & Cancellation Policy
✍️ Webinar Fee: SAR100 (Individual) / SAR75 (Group) / SAR50 (Students)
✍️ Bookings will close 3 hours before the session starts.
✍️ The webinar will not be repeated unless requested by sufficient number of applicants.
✍️ Cancellation can be acknowledged at least 3 hours before the lecture begins.
✍️ Enrolled students can also attend webinars, on meeting the requirements.
✍️ If webinar is rescheduled, then attendees would be acknowledged a day in advance.

✍️ In just 3 hours it would become clear to you that here, why test takers perform so well in IELTS exams ✍️