Meteorite, Lunar Rock, ANT formation Anorthosite-Norite-Troctolite, or probably, other rare achondrite, However, this fact in any way does not affect the value in any way sample, In any case, similar samples all over the world are more expensive
Glossy metallic luster, which is characteristic of meteorites such as achondrite The total mass is mainly composed of anorthosite with black microinclusions, Some olivine and other minerals in the form of pieces, fragments in the anorthosite mass, Sparkles on a white and black background, most likely fragments of pieces of iron-nickel alloy FeNi The sample exhibits weak magnetic properties
On the melting crust, traces of minerals in the form of dots and stripes, All this is usually characteristic of the lunar meteorite ANT, or for some other achondrites, But still there is a high degree of probability that this is lunar anorthosite breccia, or, a rock of the anorthosite-norite-troctolite formation
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Warsaw, Collectibles, EUR 103 / Lunar MeteoriteWarsaw, Collectibles, EUR 103 / Lunar MeteoriteWarsaw, Collectibles, EUR 103 / Lunar Meteorite