PKR 9999 / Popular Cable Trunking System Cable Wiring System

Popular Cable Trunking System Cable Wiring System
AS PER IEC 61084-2-1
During this Era the residential, office and public places have been going through a lot of changes which has increased the use of technological features in the building. This revolution in the electric and IT devices have intensified the need for flexible cable management systems, which can easily incorporate the changes occurring over time. Popular cable trunking system provides an ideal solution for the installation requirements of Residential, Office and Public sector. Popular Cable trunking system provides the possibility of complete solution to the distribution related problems; it is the key strength of Popular Cable Trunking System.
This system does not require any building works which results in lower costs.
This cable management solution provides flexibility for making changes with very little effort.
It is easier to mount it on the wall, or usage of double adhesive tape for installation makes it very easier and reduces installation time. Wiring possibility for electric plants and data transfer network. In areas where there are cables of electric and networking, PVC cable trunking system provides easy solution to the distribution of cables.
PVC is a self-extinguisher which creates high levels of safety for the cables inside.

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