Top Alkaline Water Purifier Brand In India Vyom

Water purifiers have become basic need of every house, In India, the water we get at our homes is not pure and healthy to drink, it has a lot of impurities within it. If you are thinking to buy water purifier you have to consider all aspects and buy the right purifier for you.

Vyom Alkaline water purifier is the top alkaline water purifier in India. This brand has been providing quality water purifiers in the Indian market for a long time.

Features of Vyom Alkaline Water Purifier:

1) 11 pcs large size titanium with platinum coating plates, providing higher efficiency electrolysis to meet different needs.

2) 7 Water settings: Heating Cleaning H2 Water Cooking Drinking Purified Water Sanitizing

3) Super large 3.8 inch colorful LCD screen, conveneint built in water flow controling valve

4) Built in water filtering system to make sure the water quality is safe to use

5) Quick and easy installing design, wall mounting available saving space for kitchen

6) Elegant and solid CDC touch control panel, working with the eglish voice prompt function

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