Learn how to do AutoCAD drawings from a beginner to an intermediate. from this course, you will be able to draw architectural, manufacturing, and cross-sectional views.

The course starts from the basic for the beginners and will complete all the ACU (Autodesk Certified User) in AutoCAD requirements.

I will be helping you step-by-step and will make it as simple as possible so that you will understand it in a better way.

What you will get from these training sessions: -
1) basic knowledge of AutoCAD and using it in the simplest way
2) class notes what I will be teaching
3) practice homework’s for you to practice
4) 2-3 practice tests
5) a final exam to re-create the examination atmosphere and make you ready
6) doubts clarification and more
By the end of this session, you will be ready and confident to give your ACU in AutoCAD.

The interested students are requested *not to call* but please send a text message through WhatsApp on this number

Thank you,