Industrial Fowl Dung Organic Fertilize Treatment Equipment

In the fermentation process of fowl dung, the compost turning machine ( is an indispensable fermentation equipment, which is used for the fermentation of livestock manure, sludge waste, filter mud of sugar factory, dregs, cake, straw sawdust and other organic wastes.

The fermented raw material passes througn the granulation process by using the organic fertilizer granulator ( and the finished granular fertilizer is processed completely.
Of course, from compost fermentation to granulation and packaging of materials, the processing of each processed whole organic fertilizer production line is required: compost turner machine, feeder, crusher, mixer, granulator (flat die pellet mill, disc granulator, rotary drum granulator (, etc.), screener machine, dryer machine, cooler, automatic packaging machine belt conveyor and other series fertilizer equipment.
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