Select The Best Rear Axle Shafts In Your Vehicle

Try the best rear axle shafts from Talbros Engineering at the lowest prices in the market. Talbros is the leading rear axle shaft manufacturer and supplier in India that provides you a variety of axle shafts for your vehicle like the front axle, medium-duty, tandem, off-highway, assembled, heavy-duty, and rear axle shafts for servicing Passenger vehicles, Commercial Vehicle, Off-road, and Tractor segments with their Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty product range.

Talbros Engineering is a leading name in the axle shafts manufacturer located in Faridabad offers several types of axle shaft for a vehicle that is generally used for steering, driving, and braking. Generally, in the sense, it is called in every aspect of vehicles used. It has an installed capacity of three million axle shafts annually and Its first priority is customer satisfaction regarding the quality of a product. To know more let's visit

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