English Classes For IB-IGCSE-MYP-A-AS (04-3554850) (www.amourion.com)

" Amourion Training Institute" (www.amourion.com)([email protected])(055-1665437)
English Classes for IB-A-AS-IGCSE-MYP
IB English is getting too tough? Unable to catch up with the course and the assessments? Learn at the AMOURION Training Institute so that the best teachers help you figure out a proper study plan, guide you through the course, improve your language and literature grades.

• Thorough reading and analysis of the poems and critical essays
• Extensive research of the short stories and novels
• Expert guidance in writing EE, IB IA,TOK
" Amourion Training Institute" (www.amourion.com)
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