Double Roller Granulator For Fertilizer Granulation

In the granulation process of the organic fertilizer making machine (, when adjusting the pressure of the double roller granulator, it is necessary to check the hydraulic system, side baffles and roll gap of the roller granulator, and pay attention to whether the control parameters are within the design range.
Only by properly adjusting the pressure of the roller press granulator can the granulation achieve the expected effect and improve the fertilizer production efficiency in the fertilizer granulation process.

The granulation mode of roller granulator is different from that of drum granulator. ( If the pressure of roller granulator is too small, there will be more gaps between fertilizer particles, which can not meet the pressure required for material extrusion, and dense filter cake will not be formed, which will affect the effect. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to cause "re polymerization" phenomenon between the material particles, which makes the filter cake difficult to disperse and classify, and will aggravate the wear and damage of roller surface and bearing.
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